・Designing the construction of our web service and product systems
・System construction with AWS
・Maintenance of tools used to operate our web service
・Fixing any malfunctions
・Maintenance of the development environment

[Development Environment]
AWS (Amazon Web Services) another cloud service/VPS
Language: PHP, Ruby, Java, Python
OS: RHEL Linux, Windows, MacOS
MW: Apace, Nginx, MySQL, Redis, Zabbix, Docker, etc.

[Required skills/experience]
Must fulfill one of the following
・Experience constructing multiple servers on AWS or a system that combines multiple servers
・Experience constructing, configuring, fine tuning, and operating RHELinux OS/Apache/Nginx/MySQL OS and middleware.
・Experience monitoring and dealing with problems with Zabbix in a production environment

・Proficient in Japanese
・Currently residing in Japan

[Desirable skills/experience]
・Have operated a system in AWS
・Experience with vendor control and customer communication
・Experience programming in a production setting
・Experience with automated configuration management with Fabric/Capistrano or Chef/Puppet
・Experience setting up and managing network machinery like Cisco machinery or wireless machinery
・Experience with or understand the container or any related tools in Docker
・Interested in customizing or introducing tools to optimize development
・Knowledge of security and backup or have a suggested program

[Annual Salary]
4,000,000JPY – 7,000,000JPY
(To be determined based on skills and experience)

Weekends, National holidays, annual paid vacation, Summer vacation, New Year’s holiday